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Promo for 'You Control The Lights'

Nov 3


Here's a little taster from our forthcoming single, 'You Control The Lights'. Enjoy 😁


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A day at Chapel Bell Studio recording the next single

Aug 25

On Sunday 12th August, we all headed to Uxbridge to meet John Bell, sound engineer and owner of Chapel Bell Studio, to record a few tunes for release later this year.

First up were a few takes of 'You Control The Lights', then when we were happy with the...

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Our tunes are on Songlink

Aug 16

Check out our tunes on Songlink

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Thanks, and next we're off to the studio!

Jul 8

Thanks to all that came along to see us at The Sinbin at The Plough and Harrow in Leytonstone on Saturday 7th July. We had a cracking time and it was great to catch up with a few old friends that we haven’t seen for donkeys! Very much appreciated...

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Gerry's interviews on Chat and Spin Radio

Jun 30

Take a listen to the two interviews with Gerry on Chat and Spin Radio on Friday's breakfast show and Saturday's weekend morning show talking about our gig at the Leytonstone Festival.


Friday 29th June 2018 - ...

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HTV Fanzine interview with Gerry

Jun 16

Polific London punk HTV Zine interview Gerry about Fenzyx and Chaos UK London.

Find out why we are called Fenzyx, and more importantly how to correctly pronounce it!

Read the answer to these and other questions that keep you (and us) awake at night...

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